The cost of building Apple Park campus estimated

NEW DELHI: Apple took the wraps off its Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X last month at the Steve Jobs Theatre inside Apple Park or what is widely known as the ‘Spaceship’ campus. The campus has been under development for years and the Cupertino-based team is already in the process of moving to the new building. However, not much was known on the cost Apple incurred to build the campus. Now, BuildZoom, a US-based online remodelling marketplace has calculated the estimate on how much it would’ve cost Apple to create the Apple Park.

The website has shared its analysis and as expected the money involved is massive. It says that Apple shed approximately $1,154,652,399 or $1.1 billion (roughly Rs 7,521 crores). This is for all the 15 structures placed inside the Apple Park.

It has been duly mentioned that the cost mentioned is just estimation and the real money count could be higher than this. It only denotes the construction cost of the overall project. BuildZoom says the estimation comes from publically available building permits that Apple has filed in Cupertino. The given number is also below the $5 billion mark reported by Bloomberg back in 2013.

What is not included in the permit is the cost of work by artists and engineers and the cost taken to demolish the old Hewlett-Packard buildings. Cost of furnishing of the buildings and the cost of buying the land is also not included.

According to the permit, out of the $1.1 billion, the main ‘Spaceship’ building costs the most at $427,570,867 or Rs 2,785 crores. Also mentioned is that Apple spent around $15 million and $9 million for the photovoltaic roof and both the outdoor dining facilities. The Steve Jobs theatre, where the new iPhone models were announced, cost $179,437,885 or Rs 1,168 crores.

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